Top 5 Best Financial books that will make you Rich


Reading books is one of the best habits anyone can have. Reading different books on a daily basis has a lot of benefits like it helps in improving your reading skills, it gives you more knowledge and exposure, it helps in concentrating, improves vocabulary, improves memory, etc.

List of Top 5 Best Financial Books

Here are the 5 best financial books that everyone should read which can improve their knowledge and skills.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

best financial books

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book which was written in 1997 by Robert Kiyosaki. For 23 years now this is one of the best selling personal finance books ever. 

In this classic masterpiece author Robert Kiyosaki compares his two Dads one is Rich and one is poor. The poor father was his own father and the rich father was his best friend’s father. 

In this book, the author told that his father worked in a traditional way due to which he struggled his whole life financially. While the rich father changed the traditional ways and became one of the richest man in Hawaii. 

This book tells you about various aspects of finance which are income, assets, success etc, and how with the help of your mindset you can become rich and successful.

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2. The Intelligent Investor

best financial books

The intelligent investor is a book which was written in 1949 by Benjamin Graham. This book is also called the bible of investing in the investment world. The book is recommended by the god of investing Warren Buffet himself.

The text in the book tells that every investor should focus on fundamental analysis and should truly understand his investments. 

This book will also tell you about the importance of long term investments strategies. Reading this masterpiece will sharpen your investing skills and will make you a pro-investor.

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3. Think and Grow Rich

best financial books

Think and Grow Rich is a book which was written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill. The author Napoleon Hill researched for around 20 years before writing this book.

 In this book the author told some laws of successful people which are universal, that is, anyone can become successful by just following these laws.

The texts in this book list out 14 principles to achieve financial success. This book also tells how an individual can reach his desired goals if he puts down all his negative thoughts and starts working on the long term goals. 

This masterpiece is a must-try as it is a mixture of philosophy, life lessons and practical thinking.

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4. The Warren Buffett Way

best financial books

The Warren Buffet way is a book which was written in 1994 by Robert Hagstrom. This book tells the examples of Warren Buffet investment strategies and techniques. It also outlines his key investment decisions due to which he is so successful. 

This book is written in two editions; the first edition was published in 1994 and the second edition was published in 2004. The new edition of the book explains Warren Buffets approach to behaviours which has made him a spectacular investor and successful. 

For the ones who have a good interest in the stock market should give this book a try.

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5. The Richest Man in Babylon

best financial books

The Richest Man in Babylon is a book which was written in 1926 by George S Clason.

This book is all about the King in the city of Babylon who is trying to make the rest of the population in the city financially wealthy. 

The text in this book is for the people who are looking for financial advice. The book is written in a way that you can completely relate to it. 

This book also tells the key principles of acquiring money and managing it so that it can grow. This text is a must try to learn financial management principles. 

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